About Us


Committed to producing high quality and excellent products

EMERALD VINYL CORPORATION was established in 1970 by technically knowledgeable engineers whose main goal is to produce high quality products. To this day, we continue to manufacture under a Quality Management System and is certified as a compliant to ISO9001:2000 and more recently ISO9001:2015 standard by Certification International Inc (licensed by PAB Philippine Accreditation Bureau).

Consistent first rate quality of EMERALD PVC Pipes and Fittings starts with the rigid selection of virgin resins and additives. The Quality Control Laboratory of EMERALD VINYL CORPORATION constantly monitors the quality of incoming raw materials and ensures its adherence to the company’s specification before used in the manufacture of the final product. The company’s unrelenting commitment to product excellence has led to continuously search for newer and better material to be used in the manufacture of its product.


Simply Incomparable

EMERALD PVC Pipes and Fittings unsurpassed reputation as a top quality piping system that exceeds the exacting standards of architects and engineers engaged in the construction industry. We have continuously gained the respect and confidence of building designers and contractors for the proven durability, consistent first rate quality and ease of installation. The creative design, precision mould making, rigid selection of raw materials and use of state of the art manufacturing equipment combined to ensure the incomparable quality of EMERALD PVC Pipes and Fittings.

High Impact, Ultra Strength

EMERALD PVC Pipes surpasses the BPS standard by approximately 150%. Its high resistance to impact damage is very ideal for real conditions at project sites in the Philippine scenario (handling and storage).  The strong tensile strength gives the ability to handle excessive force especially while clearing out clogged pipes. For imbedded pipes installation, it can withstand the pouring concrete without damaging the pipe. EMERALD PVC Pipes high impact and ultra strength quality ensures safety, reliability and long lasting.

Superior Quality

The quality control laboratory maintains a tight watch over the finished products that come from its manufacturing facilities, testing random samples from every production run. We use the best and latest testing equipment for efficiency and accuracy in testing. At EMERALD, we ensure that customers get what they need with the best quality they can have.

The leader in Sanitary Piping System

EMERALD has the widest range and variety of INJECTION MOULDED FITTINGS among other brands of sanitary and sewer piping system.

INJECTION MOULDED FITTINGS, unlike fabricated fittings are not prone to leakage and breakage, thus ensuring a lifetime of worry-free installation. EMERALD has spent capital on high quality machines, technology and moulds to make sure its customers enjoy the full benefits of a sanitary piping system. No other manufacturer comes close to EMERALD’s range and variety of Injection moulded sanitary fittings

Moreover, EMERALD fittings are dimensionally in strict conformance with ASTM and/or ISO standards. For Impact Strength, EMERALD exceeds standard specifications many times over.


EMERALD VINYL CORPORATION produces its products in accordance to the following standards:

  • PNS 14:1983 V2000/Guaranteed PVC-U For Electrical Conduit Thick Wall
  • PNS 65: 1993 PVC-U For the In-House Potable Water Supply Series
  • ASTM D 2729:2017 PVC-U Ultima/Guaranteed Sanitary Series 600/1000 For Non-Pressure Underground Drainage and Sewerage
  • ISO 4435:2003 PVC-U Ultima/Guaranteed Sanitary Class 34/41 For Non-Pressure Underground Drainage and Sewerage