Ultima Supra

Ultima Supra

ULTIMA SUPRA SERIES for sanitary piping system (Drain, Waste and Vent) are manufactured using the latest German machinery and technology along with strict quality control procedures. It delivers superior product performance that assured trouble-free lifetime service

With its ultra high resistance to impact damage and ultra strong tensile strength, it can withstand adverse condition. It exceeds the BPS standard by at least 7 times higher. Ideal for the more discerning users, the ULTIMA SUPRA SERIES provide ultra high impact strength.

The ULTIMA SUPRA SERIES conforms to ASTM standard.

Nominal sizes: 63mm to 400mm


ULTIMA SUPRA Fittings has the widest range of moulded fittings available in the country. Fitting sizes range from 63mm (2 inches) to 315mm (12 inches). It follows the ASTM standard.

Tapped Tee wit Cap

Cross Wye Reducer

Cross Wye

Reducer Coupling


C.O. Adaptor & CO Plug

1/4 (87.5o) Bend Single Hub

1/4 (87.5o) Bend Double Hub

Tee Reducer

Cross Tee

Wye Reducer

Bushing Reducer

Wye (45o)

1/8 (45o) Bend Double Hub

U-trap & Cap

Tee (87.5o)

Cross Tee Reducer